Here’s the deal.

So, I’ve been jumping back and fourth on different platforms trying to find the one that best suits my workflow and it hasn’t been super fun to do. I love running and blog, having control of how the layout works and using a client to push posts. 

I originally hosted everything via Tumblr, but I was finding that using Tumblr in a browser was getting annoying because I’m often doing posts while on a VPN or work network. We get a lot of downtime, it happens in my field – but I didn’t want to look like I was always on Tumblr if I just left it open in a tab. I was super into Tumblr because of the engagement, customizable layouts, ease of updating domain names – whatever, just not a fan of looking like I live on Tumblr. 

I switched over to WordPress (this site) and I was really into how professional it looks, I even paid money for most of the layouts I tried. This made it hard to learn how to create or edit them. I watched a ton of videos about WordPress and tried to learn how this all works, but it never seemed to come out the way I wanted and I was doing 3x the work I was doing before. I’m paying for hosting, layout bases and it was a huge pain to swap my domain name to point over here.

I decided to give Blogger a try. The layouts are simple and I found a nice client for Mac (MarsEdit) that made it easy for me to upload posts to. It had a lot of issues uploading photos, but other than that I could upload the photos elsewhere and just use the img tag. No biggie. I took a ton of time to migrate my posts from here to there – here we are three months later and my client is being discontinued for blogger. All of the blogger apps are trash and I don’t want to look like I’m just sitting on blogger all day, when it’s really just a tab in the background. Sick.

So I’m kind of at a loss. Right now I have a Tumblr that now works via MarsEdit, a WordPress with a domain name I like and a blogger I put a TON of work into that can only really be accessed on a computer web browser. 

First world problems, for sure.

I will keep everyone updated on what route I want to go. I know I want to continue to blog – I just have to figure out where.