Angels & Kings was a chain of nightclubs owned by Pete Wentz starting in New York City in 2007. Pete Wentz teamed up with Jamison Ernest of Yellow Fever to open a “dive bar” that he and his friends could hang out in. The bar was also known as AK-47.

When the bar’s first location in New York opened a ton of bands and members of Crush Managment were involved. Attendees included members of Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is.., Cobra Starship and Ashlee Simpson. The bar was successful and Pete decided to partner with Perez Hilton to open a location in LA and Chicago.

The bar was one room and featured celebrity mugshots for decor. They hosted acoustic shows and offered food. The location in LA featured a giant antelope head with machine guns for antlers.

The LA location was on Not Las Palmas AVE on Hollywood Blvd. The Chicago location was featured in the Hard Rock Hotel in the Carbide & Carbon building.

The bars closed in 2015 and rumor has it the NYC location closed due to serving minors. Oops!

You can check out some more photos at Urban Daddy, The now defunct, or their defunct official facebook.

Photo credit via PopSUGAR.

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