When we look back on MySpace we think of better times but for some people, it’s a nightmare. To Kiki Kanibal* this is part of her nightmare.

*We will be doing a whole article on Kiki, this one is strictly about the Mr.MySpace incident.

Danny Cespedes, known as Mr.Myspace, was one of the most “faked” people online. He was your typical scene myspace kid and he was “dating” Kiki Kanibal, one of the most followed Scene Queens on Myspace at the time. (Holy Shit, I feel so dumb typing that out.) Danny was 18 and Kiki was only 14 years old. He messaged her and they began a “friendly” relationship.

Danny had a rough home life and often spent time at Kiki’s house with her family. The more time he spent with Kiki, the more upset his mother would get. Eventually his mother called Kiki’s mother and accused Kiki of forcing her son to wear eyeliner and spiked hair. (She used some describing words I will not use on here.) Danny’s mother forbid him to continue to see Kiki and that’s where the story gets worse.

Danny and Kiki continued to see each other behind their parent’s backs. Kiki attempted to end the relationship but Danny showed up at her parent’s house drunk and depressed. Kiki’s parents took pity on him and allowed him to stay the night until he sobered up. While he stayed with her, he forced himself on her after she declined to have sex over and over.

Kiki was upset by this and begged her mother for therapy. Soon after Danny moved to North Carolina. Kiki found out that Danny was actually 18 years old and she was the 4th underaged girl Danny had pushed to have sexual relations with.

A few months later Danny was arrested and attempted to escape. He decided to jump over a railing in an attempt to flee from police, he thought he would land on the ground below but slipped and landed head first on the cement. He fell into a coma and died shortly after.

Police said Daniel De Jesus Cespedes allegedly was so desperate to avoid capture on an outstanding warrant that he leaped from one level of a parking garage to another in an attempt to land on top of a moving truck, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.

Police alleged when Cespedes was arrested at the mall, he confessed to being in possession of both cocaine and marijuana.

Photos circulated online of his body in a casket. The internet began to blame Kiki for his death, although she had nothing to do with it. She continues to be haunted by Mr.Myspace.

People continue to use his photos online for fake accounts.

This was a different time for the internet and now we are so lucky to have better resources to check out the people we meet. Please do not meet up with people you do not know.

You can read more about Kiki Kannibal via Rolling Stone.
You can read the official article about Danny Cespedes’ death Here.

Photo Credit via MySpace

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