It’s hard to tell who that is from her recent photos, but that’s Audrey Kitching from MySpace. She was the iconic scene queen every girl wanted to be and everyone on livejournal’s fbr_trash gossiped about. So, who is 2019 Audrey Kitching and where are her eyebrows?

MySpace currently shows Audrey at 269,572 followers – It had to be more when the site was active. Being in the band scene you could not escape Audrey’s hot pink hair showing up everywhere. She had the coolest clothes, friends and merch money could buy. In 2012 the “scene” fazes began to faze out and Audrey somewhat disappeared from the “in your face” selfie social media but gained traction in the blog scene. In 2013 she partnered with Buzznet and in 2014 she worked with the sometimes controversial blog xoJane.

Audrey also took a dive into the designer world and was compared to Jeremy Scott after her debut line with H&M benefiting Designers against AIDS. She collaborated with Kerol D Milano (footwear) and designed for Elle Italia. She also debuted her own line of clothing called LUNA, although the last tweet on the official twitter is from 2015.

Audrey now owns crystal cactus, the website describes it as – “Crystal Cactus, is a soul project by artist Audrey Kitching. What you will find in this shop is a personalized collection of magical products that Audrey would love to share with the world. All of the Crystal Cactus candles and beauty products are lovingly hand made with intention in small batches while embodying the energy to transform, inspire and heal.” She founded Crystal Cactus on 2013 after leaving Spin Media. The studio is located in the bottom floor of her home and everything is hand made. She told DAZED that she does not plan on doing any PR or advertising.

I’m not a guru. I don’t want to be a guru. Don’t follow me, don’t listen to me, find what works for you.

Photo Credit via instagram & photo via myspace & jared milgrim

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